Bamboo Bat Tail Longboards on Sale

Found a great bat tail longboard for sale at longboards USA.

Its not a batmobile, but still pretty sweet and batman would definitely benefit from having this one around.

This one is $80 off for a limited time.

Great for carving and charge through high-speed turns with no wheel bite, due to the extended wheel-well positions.
This board features an exclusive bat wing tail which emulates the tail of a surfboard. Excellent to hit the pools at the skatepark or check the surf in style.


31″ inch bat wing tail longboard from bamboo

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Batman Griptape on Kicktail Longboard

Found an other batman board:-)

This time a longboard cruiser with Kicktail with awesome batman griptape at



kicktail longboard 36 inch with batman griptape

This great board is one of a kind and has custom griptape, and made of Canadian maple. 8 ply with Stella 69mm wheels (78a). A whole 36″ of board to zoom around, solve some crimes and save Gotham City.


Nicely done.